Booking a trip to the Bahamas has always held an important place on my list of things to do on this planet, but like many I think, I had left that thought out for my old years… But that was before! Before knowing it was possible to swim with pigs on a dream beach surrounded by turquoise waters! This is no joke, and before you say anything let me tell you a bit about my unforgettable trip to the Bahamas. Believe me, you may want to book your trip at the end of this story…

Staniel Cay Island which is part of the Exumas Islands (Bahamas archipelago) is a haven of peace and a paradise for the eyes. Turquoise waters, fine white sand that cannot be found on most beaches and the swimming pigs at Big Mayor Cay! If you try figure out what it can be like, you will only be very far from the sensations that the actual experience can give you… Since I feel very lucky to have stayed there, it is my duty today to give you tips in order to visit this island which has to be checked off your list of things to do before you die!

Book your stay at Staniel Cay Yacht Club

After many researches and number of positive evaluations, I quickly booked my stay at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club. Why? For the beauty of the place and its proximity to the most beautiful beaches (including the famous pig beach)
Although some will think this article is a little commercial, there is no such thing and I highly recommend booking your stay at this property. The bungalows are really cute, colorful and offer a decent level of modernity. The staff is really friendly and helpful, the food (especially the lobster) is exquisite, the surroundings offer a variety of stunning landscapes and a boat comes with the bungalow! (If you choose the all-inclusive plan)
If there’s one thing I could complain about the place it is the lack of choice in the restaurant menu. They only offer nine courses … But if you do not stay more than a week, this should not be too bad.

Big Mayor Cay and its swimming pigs: the highlight of your stay

It is the ultimate reason to book a trip to the Bahamas! The swimming pigs are really something you have to see before you die. There are about a dozen of them coming to dip on the beach, patiently awaiting for some human tourists to come feed them with some bread like you owe them ☺. As a visitor, you arrive on a boat while these miraculous pigs await their offering! You soon will feel their snout on the palm of your hand! The hardest thing is to unfortunately have to leave your new friends to get back to the boat. Bad news for you, but not for the pigs of Big Major Cay, a new boat with new tourists is most likely on the way. The advantage of having your own small boat available is that you should be lucky enough to find yourself alone with the pigs for quite a while. If the Bahamas are a paradise on earth for us humans, for those pigs too!

Thunderball Grotto, a true wonder of nature!

You can also visit Thunderball Grotto, the shooting location of the movie from the James Bond saga. To make the most of it, I advise you to go there early in the day but most of all according to the tide (should be low), before the flow of tourists spoils your experience or the water submerges the cave and makes it impracticable and dangerous. Enter this cave and look up at the sky to see a halo of light illuminate the walls of it and slowly descend to the water below to reveal all the shades of colors that composes it and a multitude of multicolored fishes. Simply breathtaking…

A few minutes by boat northbound, you can also swim freely with nurse sharks at Compass Cay (they just require a 10$ fee per person to dock your boat), even if you also find them on the outskirts of the Yacht Club. And if you head south you will only need a few more minutes to reach Iguana beach full of those giant lizards.

All of this with a turquoise ocean and a 30 degree celsius water….

Unfortunately all great things come to an end…. If you wish to stay in heaven forever, you will need to wait a bit more. What you can do though is save money for your next trip there. Yes, all of this comes at a price… The Bahamas is an expensive destination. It adds up to about 500$ / person for the plane (Watermakers air offers daily flights from Ft Lauderdale). You will then have to spend around 500 $ per night for 2, if you wish to book your stay with Staniel Cay Yacht Club, but it’s all inclusive at this price !

More details here: https://www.stanielcay.com/

and don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comments section below!

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