This week end, I tested a new concept of relaxation in Paris : “Les bulles à flotter” (understand « Bubbles to float ») !

Pretty unique and unusual but definitely a “MUST test”.

Located near the Place de la Bastille in Paris, this brand new and modern “floating center” offers a warm and intimate atmosphere. They offer you a tea selection before they explain the process and the virtues of this relaxation session described as a sensory deprivation.
Floating weightlessly, cut off from the outside world and only having to concentrate on your own self. This is what “Bubbles to float” invites you do to.

You start by choosing your music from a wide range of different sounds, then you enter your room. You need to take a quick shower and then the music starts and it’s time to get into the bubble/box and shut it off. Do not worry, if you tend to be claustrophobic you can leave it ajar ! There you will immediately feel a relaxing atmosphere with music and light therapy. Your body will begin to float without any effort, it can be rather confusing the first few minutes. Wondering how this is possible ? Well, it is actually water saturated with Epsom salt. A magnesium salt which provides a water with salt 5 times more concentrated than the Dead Sea ! Turning over was almost impossible 🙂
Small precision, it is super safe for the skin ! The magnesium salt even makes the skin very soft afterwards. And the water temperature is adjusted to that of the body so you are neither hot nor cold.

10 minutes after you’ve shot the bubble/box, the music stops. You just have to turn off the light with a small button and you will find yourself alone, without any noise, immersed in the dark for 45 minutes, without any sense being needed. You can only think or let yourself go. This is pretty confusing at first but the mind picks up very quickly leaving room for relaxation and meditation.

Then 5 minutes before the end of the session, the music comes back on and the lights turn on again.
The manager told me that scientists had shown that the benefits were very varied as : reducing stress and insomnia, muscle stimulation, preventing injuries and so on …

Personally, I enjoyed this experience, I felt like waking up after a long sleep. I had no awareness of the magnitude of the bubble in which I was in, or even how much time I spent inside… So I think I will be back in a month. The second session will perhaps be even more relaxing…

The price is 70 euros (for 1 hour and 30 minutes), if you come as a couple it will cost you 60€ each… So do not wait anymore, book your session here

I look forward to hearing from you about this experience 🙂


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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset



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