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As many of you may wonder, how can you find the right idea for a week-end about a few hours from any city in Europe? How about giving Berlin a try? Berlin is less than a couple hours away from most cities in Europe by plane. It is the perfect escape opportunity for a few days. And believe me the city is hiding many unexpected surprises. If the German capital is famous in Europe for its wild parties with very unusual and unique places, it also offers some places of absolute relaxation whatever the season. During my last stay, I was able to test some of the most surprising spas.

2) The Liquidrom, the futuristic relaxation


Located in a building with futuristic architecture, this spa offers several atmospheres. It is particularly famous for its very large saline water pool with Himalaya salt where it is very easy to float. Put your head under the water and you will be surprised to hear the ambient music in a very audible way, a real opportunity to let go.

You can also enjoy the steam room or the hot bath in the outdoor pool or ice cold one after a 15 minute stay in one of the 2 Saunas (respectively 80 and 90 Celsius degrees).

At any time you may want to relax on one of the many sun loungers, or drink or eat at the restaurant of the Spa which offers a wide selection of drinks and dishes.

Note for the more modest of you, the Germans are very open-minded and do most of these activities completely naked and with no distinction in gender... The sauna can be used, without exception, only if naked.

If you wish – you can of course book a care in the establishment in addition to enjoying all the facilities.

How much does it cost? For 2 hours you should expect to spend 19,50€, for 4h it’ll be 24,5 € and 29,5 € for a whole day (excluding cares).

3) Vabali, an Indonesian touch in the heart of Berlin


A true oasis in the heart of a residential area of Berlin, the Vabali will make you lose all your bearings. In an Indonesian setting, you can only let go in this temple of relaxation. Forget you smartphone, laptop and other tablets, you’re here to clear your head. Like most German spas, the place is naturist and mixed. You can choose to enjoy the huge outdoor pool, one of the other ones, heated or not, saunas of all kinds but also steam rooms, etc. The place also benefits from a lounge bar area and a restaurant. The perfect city break for a few hours. How much does it cost? The week end you will spend 23,50 € for 2h, 31,50 € for 4h and 39,50 € for a whole day, (excluding cares of course). The prices are a little lower on week days.

4) Le Badeschiffa sandy beachy in the heart of Berlin

When the weather is at its best, the Badeschiff is one of those experiences that can only be recommended. Just pretend youflew to some Spring Break destination, and there you go… You have this trendy place: With its 32-meter pool that literally floats on the Spree River (built from an old freighter), its sandy beach and loungers, not to mention its lively bar with its selection of cocktails, the place would make you forget that you are in the heart of the city.

If you feel like it, take advantage of this trip to stroll along the Berlin Wall, which is only ten minutes away.

How much does it cost? The entrance is about 5€ … not enough to refuse a little moment of relaxation

Where to sleep in Berlin?

To complete this relaxing program in Berlin, I invite you to discover an exceptional hotel, the Zoo Berlin Hotel.

Located on one of the main commercial arteries of the city and a few steps from the Zoo as the name suggests, the place is a haven of peace and elegance with an astonishing decoration.

The hotel is housed in a historic building and dates back to the early 20th century. It has been the home of many celebrities including Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren and Romy Schneider.

Recently renovated and redesigned by Dayna Lee in the spirit of the time, it mixes an industrial style, bringing an exotic character to it with the atmosphere of the Zoo.

The rooms are very nice, with excellent bedding and very neat decor.

Little tip: when the weather is nice you can enjoy the rooftop with magnificent views over Berlin.




Here are some tips for a future relaxing weekend in one of the most vibrant capitals in Europe! So do not wait any longer and please share your experience or ask questions in the comment section below.

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